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Antique & Modern carries in stock almost every possible cleaning related accessory you need for both your gun and leather
cleaning and restoration.Further still Antique & Modern carries a wide selection of rifle slings, custom handgun and revolver grips made
of exotic woods, and an extremely wide selection of 1911 handgun accessories you might want from Wilson Combatís custom parts division.
Antique & Modern also carries a wide stock of Surefire flashlights, and AR-15 accessories,
also we sell and install tactical shotgun accessories of various kinds.


Antique & Modern carries a wide selection of optics for hunting, target, and tactical, both inexpensive and world class; including Bushnell, Nikon,
Leupold, Eotech, Trijicon and many more. Additionally Antique & Modern carries a selection of binoculars and range finders.

Antique & Modern has a very wide selection of ammunition to choose from, 
both for target and defense, in addition to a selection of black powder gun accessories.
If it is Spyderco, Benchmade, Gerber, Chris Reeve, Cold Steel and many other manufacturers, antique WWII knives, civil war swords, bayonets both antique and modern, we either have it in stock here at Antique & Modern or we can get it for you. We also have a wide selection of custom knives both used and new for sale. 


Antique & Modern and its partners can make you a 
very custom world-class holster with any style of 
leather tooling upon special order of your request. 

Antique & Modern carries a wide variety of leather goods from various 
manufacturers to fit most any handgun you have including specialized 
concealed carry holsters to fit your needs. Additionally a selection of books 
on gun history, gunsmithing, and self-defense shooting and techniques. 

Our Store Hours:
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Antique & Modern Firearms
2263 Nicholasville Road
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